Painting Wolves/Wolf Pelts

Grey Hunter Wolf Pelts

I'm too sexy for my pelt!

Drybrushing fur is generally a simple affair and yields strong enough results. Funny thing is, when you take several steps to make it a bit more elaborate, it still just looks more or less like 2-step drybrushing. *grin* Enter my rapidly advancing Space Wolves company. I wasn’t originally sure how I wanted to try this out, so I Googled a bit and came up with some options. What I settled on basically had to do with what I had on the paint shelf. Fortunately, browns weather misuse much better than yellows.

I decided to follow a recipe is based on the Kor’sarro Khan project in White Dwarf US358. Looking at the lads to our left, (who aren’t entirely complete as yet in this pic, but close), we stepped through the following;

  • Basecoat3:2 VGC Charred Brown:VGC Beasty Brown. This was primarily because I wasn’t sure how deep the wash would make it, so I went for slightly lighter base. Lay it on this, I used a fat 1 for this.
  • Heavy Drybrush: VGC Beasty Brown. A good, thick drybrush or stippling brush will do all the work for you.
  • Layer: 1:1 VGC Beasty Brown:VGC Filthy Brown. This is painted on, not a drybrush or overbrush. Make sure to generously wick the brush on your paper towel to remove much of the paint from the belly, but not too much. This shdoul lighten your colout while leaving much of the darker recesses showing. I used a size 0 for this work.
  • Layer: 1:3  VGC Beasty Brown:VGC Filthy Brown. Again, painted on, bringing the colour up, but relying on the texture to do the work. Again, I used my size 0.
  • Drybrush: VGC Bonewhite. I was pretty vigorous at this point, focusing much of the lighter colours towars teh edges and less in the center. I used an old GW Small Drybrush for this one.
  • Wash: Gryphonne Sepia. It’s a wash, fat bellied size 1 will do your work.
  • Drybrush: VGC Bonewhite. Light cover across the whole, focuse work on the edges. For the full pelt, I put extra effort on the forelegs, ears & snout.

On the full pelt, I went back with Devlan Mud and SWM Soft Body Black washes along the spine, top of the head and around the eyes. I can’t stress enough how much benefit you can derive from viewing real world examples where applicable. The colouring on a Timberwolf is an amazingly complicated affair, with strong dark featurs around the eyes and spine, but light colours along the legs and chest. Just beautiful. The next batch of pelts & tails will be based on pure Charred Brown for the Wolf Guard models, keeping the colours darker overall. Ulrik the Slayer, with his blackened Wolf Priest armour will get something more akin to a grey/white wolf as a strong contrast, while Ragnar Blackmane will have extra bling and be quite bright, so more deserving of a black wolf to match his raven locks. Those recipes to follow when I get to that point.

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And another HALF YEAR!?!?!

Grey Hunters with new pack markings

Electric Sliiiiide!

Oh that a worthless hobbyist I am… Happy New Year folks! My nephew has been getting into 40K and thanks Space Marine on PS3, some foolish spending of his birthday cash, the launch of 6th edition and the Dark Vengeance box set, he is now in possession of a tidy little sum of Space Marines, which he intend to paint as White Scars, more or less. As I have a Scars force on deck, I thought it would be cool to collaborate with him. But this post has nothing to do with that…

Of course, it took over a year an a half to get back to actually PAINTING my Space Wolves, (who as we’ve noted before have been waiting for paint since the last 90′s!). Let us flash forward from May 26, 2011 to Dec 11, 2012! After a dice rolling hiatus of many months, DesertFoxx hosted not one but TWO tables at his home. He and his Salamanders would face Geoff’s Dark Angels and my Space Wolves under the command of Bri#2. I had the luxury of getting to take my fully painted Tau out for their inaugural battle vs my old nemesis, Bri#1, who in turn was playing his IG for the first time with his original army as allies, the Blood Angels. That, however, is a story for another time.

In an effort to help Bri#2 keep track of the models I loaned him, I decided to paint the pack shoulder guard on 10 of the 20 Grey Hunters he would be playing with, just so he could keep track of one unit from the other. Well, that was enough. A simple couple hours to base coat and a rudimentary highlight and I had resurrected my Space Wolves project yet again. After a horrible fall at work where my stress level was through the roof and I rarely left my desk for an instant, I have decreed that I MUST take lunch breaks to paint in order to keep my sanity, (and my job since I cursed a slacker out in the cube farm and frightened a co-worker with commentary of a somewhat violent nature just before the holiday break). And to date, since returning to work on 02Jan, I have painted at least 1 hour per day for 6 of the last 7 work days.

I am no Slayer Sword winner, and likely never will be, but when I get my ire up I can put some paint on some models. This project is 27 hours and counting to paint 29 models to date. We have finally reached the detail stage, where things like gems, eyes, purity seals, skin, hair, etc are all that is left. In an effort to set a very clearly defined goal in place, I have established a definitive 1500pt list of the several thousand points I have available. This is may target, a point at which I will allow myself to engage in my next project at least. So, what is my goal and how am I progressing? Let’s count it up;

  • HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader (BP+Frost Blade)
    • Using model for Ragnar Blackmane, the company will actually be Ragnar’s, using his company markings, etc. However, for the purposes of putting a list together and keeping it at 1500pts, this is a WGBL.
    • 0 of 1 model painted.
  • HQ: Wolf Priest (BP+Crozius)
    • Similar to above, model is Ulrik the Slayer, but will rarely be him in game.
    • 0 of 1 model painted.
  • Elite: 3x Wolf Guard (BP+Frost Axe, BP+Frost Sword, Bolter+Power Fist)
    • These 3 will be pack leaders for the Blood Claws and Grey Hunters.
    • 0 of 3 models painted.
  • Elite: Venerable Dreadnought (DCCW, HF, AssCan, Saga of Magesty)
    • Another model sub, we have Bjorn the Fell-Handed here.
    • 0 of 1 model painted.
  • Troop: 10x Grey Hunters (Flamer, Meltagun, Power Fist, Wolf Standard)
    • This pack will actually number 11 models. I made a simple decision with my Grey Hunters to be able to split the pack by painting a 2nd power sword model and using the knee pads on half to denote one part of the squad from another on the table.
    • 10 of 11 models painted.
  • Troop: 10x Grey Hunters (Flamer, Plasmagun, Power Axe)
  • Troop: 15x Blood Claws (2x Flamer, Power Sword)
    • This pack still needs 3 more bodies assembled, but then again they also need pack markings as my Iyanden Darksun is all dired up and I’m limited on my yellow options at present.
    • 10 of 12 models painted, 3 models to assemble.
  • Heavy: 6x Long Fangs (3x Missile Launcher, 2x Lascannon)
    • The original Long Fang box of 5 models was the first thing I painted 15 years ago. They look like shite! The pack leader also can no longer be assembled with a bolter. So, the unit has been split up to take advantage of the new codex, (the Multi Melta will be getting donated elsewhere). Some scavenging from other unpainted projects allowed me to WYSIWYG what I need and now is getting unceremoniously dumped into the stripping vat.
    • o of 6 models painted, 3 models to assemble.
  • Heavy: 6x Long Fangs (3x Heavy Bolter, 2x Plasma Cannon, Power Axe)
    • Ditto above.
    • o of 6 models painted, 1 model to assemble.
  • 1499 pts

Right now, I need to get all of the additions and rebuilds ready for a TAP Wolf Grey base coat. So, that’s 7 models to build & 26 models to clean, 26 if you count the dread, I figure 2-4 hours total. 1 can of TAP could cover them all and it only took 1 hour to base coat 29 infantry to begin with. After that, I’ll focus on finishing packs. 8 more Grey Hunters/Blood Claws painted to the standard in the attached pix. I will make an assumption of 8-10 hours, completing all 37 models in the Troops section. Next up will be the 12 Long Fangs, probably 12-15 hours giving a little extra love to the heavy weapons. 5 Wolf Guard/character models will get extra TLC, so they may be anything from 10-15 hours unless I get horribly impatient. Then Bjorn, who has been horribly in need of paint for so long. He’ll get a rudimentary paint job at first to call the force ‘finished’.

Next steps will be the 1750-2000 mark, which includes 4 Rhino/Razorbacks, a Predator and a Whirlwind, (all assembled already), in addition to a pair of Wolf Guard Termies to lead the Long Fang packs. So, I’ll burn through 4-6 vehicles getting my technique in shape before I step back in and really put some quality time in on Bjorn, then I’ll use the termies to get ready for my Loganwing, but that as they say is a story for another time…

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A year, A WHOLE YEAR!?!?!

Ok, so it’s been over a year since I posted, (GAK!), but 40K 6th edition is out any day now and sometimes when you need a chuckle, you find a chuckle. So I had to share AND save for posterity’s sake. Without further ado, 40K in about a minute.

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Make terrain, not warriors!

Just a quick buzz as I haven’t touched my poor Wolves in over 2 weeks and I have only barely assembled the Dwarfs needed for our upcoming game. My painting has been languishing these past weeks for many reasons, not the least of which is the day job! Still, I did get some terrain worked on last night, and you can check it out on my other blog.

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All Together Now…

29 Puppies

4 Troops Choices

So I did get to work on these guys at home Thur night. I finished up the last 7 Grey Hunters to the same standard as everyone else, (3 layers on the armor, weapons/packs/helmets/joints in black/silvers/wash, gold details). That makes 17 Grey Hunters and 12 Blood Claws based on what I could get colour primered to begin with. The shot at left shows the whole gang, including the 4 unpainted models due to running our of TAP spray. They’ll get their soon, along with some Wolf Guard and revise Long Fangs, but with the heat rising here in Phoenix, the time for being able to spray may be done for about 5 months.

With the above done, I had to work Thur night, but I was able to get some test paint for my reds on a few models. Basing with VGC Scar Red looks like it’ll do the trick, but my VGC Firey Orange may have sat for too long. The pigment is totally separated and I can’t seem to get it back no matter how much I shake it. In any case, VGC Bloody Red will come first and with that done I’ll need to do some touch ups. I’m afraid my brush control is worthless, even with an 0/2 and my Optivisor, so VGC Wolf Grey will be necessary for liberal fixes.

I had hoped to spend some time over the long weekend painting more red on these models, but instead I had 2 social engagements and the rest of the free time was spent lounging in bed planning the upgrades for my gaming rig in order to play Space Marine and SW:TOR MMORPG as it is totally worthless at the moment. When I wasn’t doing that, I was lazily playing Plants vs Zombies on Steam. And now, the lads have indicated that they want to play some Fantasy for our next play date. Looks like I need to hustle on some Dwarfs pronto!!!

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