Vegas Wolfpack!!!

Grey Hunters, armor highlight 2 done

Lunch time=paint time

I had a biz trip up to Las Vegas, (I grew up there, it really isn’t a big deal), and when I wasn’t enjoying free steak dinners & scotch w/ vendors, I took advantage of the long, boring evenings in the room to get to work on my Wolves. As I stated previously, I’m pushing to get my wolves table ready in the fastest way possible. This means no to traditional layering, no to traditional highlighting. Spray base, heavy drybrush 1, light drybrush 2, details. While I will say that this isn’t a great paint job in and of itself, I can already see how the speed at which I’m cranking through may actually put a full force on the table. Shocking, truly it is. And speed is the key. I colour primed 29 Wolves in basically a single sitting, (I added a couple the following day, but had they been cleaned I would’ve sprayed them all). ~1 hour. I brought those 29 up to layer one on the armor (VGC Wolf Grey), in 4 sessions over 2 days. ~5 hours. I finished up the 17 Grey Hunters pictured at left to layer two on the armor (1:1 VGC Skull White:VGC Wolf Grey), over lunch break today. ~1 hour. I anticipate the Blood Claws will be to the same point at lunch on Wed. Thur night is my usual night to work on my hobby, so the question is will I attempt to put gold on the chest eagles and yellow on the pauldrons at that time or will I work on terrain.

I can also say that even this speedy method is already showing me things which I plan to apply using traditional layering techniques to my Black Templars and White Scars. In many cases, black & white afford little in the way of traditional highlights, but a modified zenithal technique should product good results, esp on very active models, (assault marine legs & the like). In any case, to have almost 30 Space Wolves on the doorstep, (~5-10 hours), of tabletop quality after sitting in foam for a decade is exciting to me. I said I was going to stop looking for excuses and start taking advantage of those few moments when I could be doing something else, (lunch at work is a BIG gain in time, affording me 2-3 hours extra time/week). So, if nothing else, I am proud of myself thus far. Kudos to me.

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