Blood Claws, pt2

Blood Claws get some shiny

Shiny, happy wolfen!

Another lunch period and another batch of painting. Now that I’m getting the details underway, things are likely to slow down. I may also have to concede to bringing in my Optivisor as it is just too difficult to goof without magnification. For this step, 1 of 3, we are starting with RM Ancient Bronze over the chest eagles, exposed skulls, wolf tail caps and hanger rings. I used a Raphael 2/0 Kolinsky Sable Brush courtesy of my pal Justin’s site, Secret Weapon Miniatures. This was their inaugural use and I must say I’m quite pleased. The belly is quite big and was able to hold a good load of paint even after dabbing out the excess. For a detail brush, it certain fits the bill well. I look forward to the tighter details on the eyes and gems with this brush.

Next steps will be to use one of the new SWM washes, either purple or amethyst, followed by a highlight in gold, most likely RM Antique Gold. After all the gold is done on both GH and BC, I’ll get to work on the actual weapons! Hahahah, Space Wolves don’t need no stinkin’ weapons! Howl, damnit, HOWL!

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