Good Silver Hunting

Grey Hunters getting silver & black wash

Only Four? WTF CHIEF?!?!

So today wasn’t my most productive day by a long shot. I got started and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to paint something, (I missed my paint day yesterday). I only got about 4 guys done, but I was experimenting and distracted. In all fairness, I did get some of the venting washed on about 10 models total, but more on that in a minute…

So I looked at the 3 VGC silvers I had brought, deciding on the middle one, VGC Chainmail Silver. I knew I was going to put a black wash over it, so I wanted it to start bright. For the wash, I used my brand-spankin-new Secret Weapon Miniatures (SWM) Soft Body Black, (which I’m pretty sure is Les Bursley’s recipe). Since I was experimenting, I didn’t bother thinning it or adding my own flow improver, I wanted to see what it would do. Even the soft black is pretty dark when you put it on, esp where it pools. My 2/0 brush took ALOT of wash into the belly, so I was able to work for a good time on one load. Capillary action was as expected and overall I’m very pleased. As it dried, it softened a great deal, so much so that I’m considering the Heavy Body Black for the tubing & such when next I break out the brush to experiment. In any case, I hope all the washes perform this way.

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