6 packs & 4 pistols. That’s pretty f’n ninja!

Blood Claw backpacks

Now bow to your partner!

Last painting day for a bit. :( Anyway, I did manage to get 6 of the 12 Blood Claws up a step or two. 6 back packs, 4 bolt pistols, 4 helmets and 8 sets of joints, (add in those two Grey Hunters), all got some treatment today.

VGC Chainmail Silver w/ SWM Soft Body Black wash, same as the chainswords the other day. The joints received just the wash, but after looking will probably get another wash after this one. Overall, I am liking the look in general. Once done, the chainsword exhaust and gun barrels explicitly will get a tasty splash of armor wash to darken them up and make them seem used.

So the Blood Claws will number 15 total when I’m done. Bolt pistol + power weapon for one, Flamers for two, (pictured), bolt pistol + chainsword for eleven and a converted Lukas to round the unit out to 15 total. I have a TON of wolves w/ plasma pistols, so I’m just going to give one a good hack job and stack a wolf claw on it and call it Lukas. Still, this does mean that 3 Blood Claws need to start from scratch, (they weren’t clean & ready for the TAP colour primer when I started). Tack on a Wolf Priest, (mmm, hit on 3+ bitches!), and a Wolf Guard and you’re all set. 17 howling loonies on foot! Awwwooooooo!!!

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