Back from the Land of the Lotus Eaters

Key West Sunset Sail

Sunset at sea. Key West, FL

Having returned from a week in Key West, I was thrust back into the hectic maelstrom of corporate life. It was a struggle to free myself from the velvet grip of the Florida Keys, it’s siren song all too powerful. Such is the lure of the land where every sunset is a celebration. The land of the lotophagi.

Monday was insane and right as I was poised to enjoy my lunch break and reacquaint myself with my brushes, fires blazed into being which required my attention. I swear, does marketing EVER think ahead on anything? *sigh* Today was a new day, however. Paintbrush finally back in hand, I still only managed to get some VGC Chainmail Silver on 6 Blood Claws back packs and 3 Bolt Pistols, leaving 3 bolt pistols and some black wash for tomorrow. Still, I’m getting back into gear. A game date is being planned for June and I hope to have some decently painted Space Wolves on the table for that match.

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