Brother Wolf: Journeyman silversmith

Space Wolves silver

Ugh, enough w/ the silver already!

Finishing up with the Blood Claws today. I chose not to do any washes and to focus on cranking through some more VGC Chainmail Silver. Packs, pistols, helmet & ankle tubes, etc. I think for Thur since Grey Hunters only have packs & helmets, (I really hate bolt pistols), I may be able to crank through about 10, which will mean that 20 GH will be silver & gold alongside their 12 BC kin, (4 GH here, 4 GH previously before the BC and the 2 GH w/ power weaponry).

Thur night is my main painting night at home, so I’m VERY certain that if I can get the 10 packs done tomorrow, the evening can be spent with SWM Soft Body Black wash as appropriate on the silver, joints & venting, followed up by some purple wash for the golds. After that I’ll be ready to do the gold & silver final highlights. I think instead, however, I’m going to switch gears and work on the reds for the eyes, gems & purity seals and then consider how I’m going to tackle the flesh tones and hair. I know I’ll have touch up work to deal with, so why not take my 3 layered armor and detail base colour/washes out for a tabletop spin before doing the uber-tight details & touch ups?

Hell, I still have 3 Blood Claws to build, several Wolf Guard to paint and Long Fangs to strip & repaint. *shudders* Then maybe, MAYBE, I’ll get around to Ragnar & Ulrik.

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