Bless me models, for I have sinned…

Grey Hunters

Grey Hunters, ho!!!

…it has been one week since my last paint session. LOL! Ok, that irked Desert Foxx when I said it via IM, but I had to do it again. BWAHAHAHAH!!!

Anyway, it took a full week to get back to painting what with the return to work from vacation, a trip to the dentist for my checkup, a familial home invasion and another shit-tastic start to a work week. FFS! Ahh, but now we have returned. Our home is once again our own. The week’s work is on deck for the Thursday evening code deployment. We may even have tentative dates to roll dice again in June. Sublime.

As for the models, I have FINALLY finished ALL of the VGC Chainmail Silver, (well, not counting the bolters, ugh!). 7 Grey Hunters got their packs & helmets done today. They and 10 more models including some Blood Claws will be receiving SWM Soft Body Black wash during lunch tomorrow, putting all 29 of them at the same state once again. The plan is to take them home to start some detail work on the faces & gems for my Thur evening paint session awaiting code deployment, (damn monthly work invading my evenings at home!). Friday I’ll reward myself with trying to finish the last story in Age of Darkness over lunch.

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