Washes: They make it dirty!

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Wash, you dirty bastards!

I didn’t finished up as much over lunch as I had hoped, sidetracked as I was with tasty, pot-luck goodness during the lunch hour, (and I wasted a goodly spot of wash to boot), but a decent pace I suppose. 10 models of 17 got their SWM Soft Body Black wash over VGC Chainmail Silver. The remainder will have to wait for tonight at home. Of course, tonight I actually get a goodly block of time, despite having to work my day job late in the evening, (e-Commerce, it’s what’s sucking your life & soul away in exchange for a paycheck). My lovely wife is heading to dinner w/ a good friend, leaving me to my own devices as it were. This will be the first Thursday night I ‘could’, (as in even have the opportunity), work on my hobby since 28Apr!

I also took a quick look at whether or not SWM Amethyst or Purple wash might be a good candidate for washing over the RM Ancient Bronze before the gold highlights. The test paint was over the chest eagle on a bare model, (as in not even primer, just straight over the plastic). It seems as though the Amethyst is too dark, (albeit maybe a terrific candidate for my Emperor’s Children some day), also leaving too much purple in the recesses. The Purple is perhaps not dark enough as I didn’t really see the change in depth I expected. I may mix the two together 1:2 Amethyst:Purple and see how it fares. In any case, I think I’ll be starting the gem work tonight once the washing is done.

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