All Together Now…

29 Puppies

4 Troops Choices

So I did get to work on these guys at home Thur night. I finished up the last 7 Grey Hunters to the same standard as everyone else, (3 layers on the armor, weapons/packs/helmets/joints in black/silvers/wash, gold details). That makes 17 Grey Hunters and 12 Blood Claws based on what I could get colour primered to begin with. The shot at left shows the whole gang, including the 4 unpainted models due to running our of TAP spray. They’ll get their soon, along with some Wolf Guard and revise Long Fangs, but with the heat rising here in Phoenix, the time for being able to spray may be done for about 5 months.

With the above done, I had to work Thur night, but I was able to get some test paint for my reds on a few models. Basing with VGC Scar Red looks like it’ll do the trick, but my VGC Firey Orange may have sat for too long. The pigment is totally separated and I can’t seem to get it back no matter how much I shake it. In any case, VGC Bloody Red will come first and with that done I’ll need to do some touch ups. I’m afraid my brush control is worthless, even with an 0/2 and my Optivisor, so VGC Wolf Grey will be necessary for liberal fixes.

I had hoped to spend some time over the long weekend painting more red on these models, but instead I had 2 social engagements and the rest of the free time was spent lounging in bed planning the upgrades for my gaming rig in order to play Space Marine and SW:TOR MMORPG as it is totally worthless at the moment. When I wasn’t doing that, I was lazily playing Plants vs Zombies on Steam. And now, the lads have indicated that they want to play some Fantasy for our next play date. Looks like I need to hustle on some Dwarfs pronto!!!

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