Washes: They make it dirty!

Claws & Hunters

Wash, you dirty bastards!

I didn’t finished up as much over lunch as I had hoped, sidetracked as I was with tasty, pot-luck goodness during the lunch hour, (and I wasted a goodly spot of wash to boot), but a decent pace I suppose. 10 models of 17 got their SWM Soft Body Black wash over VGC Chainmail Silver. The remainder will have to wait for tonight at home. Of course, tonight I actually get a goodly block of time, despite having to work my day job late in the evening, (e-Commerce, it’s what’s sucking your life & soul away in exchange for a paycheck). My lovely wife is heading to dinner w/ a good friend, leaving me to my own devices as it were. This will be the first Thursday night I ‘could’, (as in even have the opportunity), work on my hobby since 28Apr!

I also took a quick look at whether or not SWM Amethyst or Purple wash might be a good candidate for washing over the RM Ancient Bronze before the gold highlights. The test paint was over the chest eagle on a bare model, (as in not even primer, just straight over the plastic). It seems as though the Amethyst is too dark, (albeit maybe a terrific candidate for my Emperor’s Children some day), also leaving too much purple in the recesses. The Purple is perhaps not dark enough as I didn’t really see the change in depth I expected. I may mix the two together 1:2 Amethyst:Purple and see how it fares. In any case, I think I’ll be starting the gem work tonight once the washing is done.

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Bless me models, for I have sinned…

Grey Hunters

Grey Hunters, ho!!!

…it has been one week since my last paint session. LOL! Ok, that irked Desert Foxx when I said it via IM, but I had to do it again. BWAHAHAHAH!!!

Anyway, it took a full week to get back to painting what with the return to work from vacation, a trip to the dentist for my checkup, a familial home invasion and another shit-tastic start to a work week. FFS! Ahh, but now we have returned. Our home is once again our own. The week’s work is on deck for the Thursday evening code deployment. We may even have tentative dates to roll dice again in June. Sublime.

As for the models, I have FINALLY finished ALL of the VGC Chainmail Silver, (well, not counting the bolters, ugh!). 7 Grey Hunters got their packs & helmets done today. They and 10 more models including some Blood Claws will be receiving SWM Soft Body Black wash during lunch tomorrow, putting all 29 of them at the same state once again. The plan is to take them home to start some detail work on the faces & gems for my Thur evening paint session awaiting code deployment, (damn monthly work invading my evenings at home!). Friday I’ll reward myself with trying to finish the last story in Age of Darkness over lunch.

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Brother Wolf: Journeyman silversmith

Space Wolves silver

Ugh, enough w/ the silver already!

Finishing up with the Blood Claws today. I chose not to do any washes and to focus on cranking through some more VGC Chainmail Silver. Packs, pistols, helmet & ankle tubes, etc. I think for Thur since Grey Hunters only have packs & helmets, (I really hate bolt pistols), I may be able to crank through about 10, which will mean that 20 GH will be silver & gold alongside their 12 BC kin, (4 GH here, 4 GH previously before the BC and the 2 GH w/ power weaponry).

Thur night is my main painting night at home, so I’m VERY certain that if I can get the 10 packs done tomorrow, the evening can be spent with SWM Soft Body Black wash as appropriate on the silver, joints & venting, followed up by some purple wash for the golds. After that I’ll be ready to do the gold & silver final highlights. I think instead, however, I’m going to switch gears and work on the reds for the eyes, gems & purity seals and then consider how I’m going to tackle the flesh tones and hair. I know I’ll have touch up work to deal with, so why not take my 3 layered armor and detail base colour/washes out for a tabletop spin before doing the uber-tight details & touch ups?

Hell, I still have 3 Blood Claws to build, several Wolf Guard to paint and Long Fangs to strip & repaint. *shudders* Then maybe, MAYBE, I’ll get around to Ragnar & Ulrik.

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Back from the Land of the Lotus Eaters

Key West Sunset Sail

Sunset at sea. Key West, FL

Having returned from a week in Key West, I was thrust back into the hectic maelstrom of corporate life. It was a struggle to free myself from the velvet grip of the Florida Keys, it’s siren song all too powerful. Such is the lure of the land where every sunset is a celebration. The land of the lotophagi.

Monday was insane and right as I was poised to enjoy my lunch break and reacquaint myself with my brushes, fires blazed into being which required my attention. I swear, does marketing EVER think ahead on anything? *sigh* Today was a new day, however. Paintbrush finally back in hand, I still only managed to get some VGC Chainmail Silver on 6 Blood Claws back packs and 3 Bolt Pistols, leaving 3 bolt pistols and some black wash for tomorrow. Still, I’m getting back into gear. A game date is being planned for June and I hope to have some decently painted Space Wolves on the table for that match.

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6 packs & 4 pistols. That’s pretty f’n ninja!

Blood Claw backpacks

Now bow to your partner!

Last painting day for a bit. :( Anyway, I did manage to get 6 of the 12 Blood Claws up a step or two. 6 back packs, 4 bolt pistols, 4 helmets and 8 sets of joints, (add in those two Grey Hunters), all got some treatment today.

VGC Chainmail Silver w/ SWM Soft Body Black wash, same as the chainswords the other day. The joints received just the wash, but after looking will probably get another wash after this one. Overall, I am liking the look in general. Once done, the chainsword exhaust and gun barrels explicitly will get a tasty splash of armor wash to darken them up and make them seem used.

So the Blood Claws will number 15 total when I’m done. Bolt pistol + power weapon for one, Flamers for two, (pictured), bolt pistol + chainsword for eleven and a converted Lukas to round the unit out to 15 total. I have a TON of wolves w/ plasma pistols, so I’m just going to give one a good hack job and stack a wolf claw on it and call it Lukas. Still, this does mean that 3 Blood Claws need to start from scratch, (they weren’t clean & ready for the TAP colour primer when I started). Tack on a Wolf Priest, (mmm, hit on 3+ bitches!), and a Wolf Guard and you’re all set. 17 howling loonies on foot! Awwwooooooo!!!

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