Silver & Black (Raider Nation)

Space Wolves Chainswords

Line dancing, wolf-style!

Another lunch hour done, another little bit painted. VGC Black still holding up well in the wet palette, I plopped some VGC Chainmail Silver down and a spot of SWM Soft Body Black Wash and I was able to get the teeth & running gear silvered, touched up and washed on 10 Blood Claws. I even squeaked a bolt pistol on a Grey Hunter in as well as tidying up another Grey Hunter’s bolter. W00T!

Into the detail steps now, the overall progress has slowed, but it continues to show me that even just spending an hour or so, some steps can be accomplished, getting closer to the goal of having models ready for the table. I wish I could paint longer and more often, but this is the most CONSISTENT I’ve been with paint work in possibly the entire time I have enjoyed this hobby. I look forward to keeping it up. If one considers the possibility that I may finish these 30 Marines before the 30h mark, then it may even be safe enough to say that at similar pace, 20 rank & file troops for any game system can be done and table-top ready in a month using ONLY lunch breaks from work. That’s 240/year. Amazing, just thinking about it.

Why didn’t I start this sooner?

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And now for something completely different…

Dave Taylor Steel Legion

Dave Taylor Strikes Again!

While Space Wolves were my first Space Marine army, Imperial Guard were my first 40K army, (if you can call 10 Catachans & a Chimera an ‘army’). Realizing it would take a long time to assemble a true army, (cutting my teeth on Necromunda, I had no real concept of the numbers of minis I would own in years to come), I set IG aside for the less numerous Space Marines, (the man responsible for my addiction was a Blood Angels player, so that was my example).

A few years would pass, 3rd ed would be in full swing and a tiny little satellite codex would come out just as the millennium drew to a close. This codex had FOUR army lists in it, including Ork Speed Freeks, Salamanders, Black Templars and Armegeddon Steel Legion. To coincide with this launch, GW put out four army boxes, packed to the gills with each of the above four. At the time I was flush with cash and so I purchased the Templar & Steel Legion boxes with the intent of grabbing Sallies & Freeks when I was finished with them. Well, I’m embarrassed to say that to date I am STILL not finished with them and I still kick myself for not grabbing the other two boxes in the first place. DesertFoxx is a Sallies player and I would’ve happily handed over all the melta goodness to him and I am in the process of building up my own Armageddon Ork forces focused on both Goffs and Speed Freeks. In our most recent match up, GC played a Speed Freek force and I do think he may have found his calling. I feel sorry for his Eldar & Dark Angels, they may not see the table for a long time.

Anyway, I saw Dave Taylor’s latest update in my blogroll and simply had to ‘bookmark’ it here. I have what I think may prove a strong speed technique for these guys, but I may use that for my Armageddon PDF in grey camo as opposed to my pure mech Steel Legion in desert tan. I still love this look after all these years and DT has done them his usual justice. While I sit here drooling over this mini, I wanted to pay my respects and stash this here as a reminder for myself. Besides, there is also the Heroes of Armageddon charity project to promote as well! I may try a few test paints of my own once the core Wolves are finished.

Thanks Dave, you rock!

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Always bet on black!

Blood Claws get black basecoat for weapons

Look ma! Stealth weapons!

Just a quick lunch update. I managed to get a simple coat of VGC Black on the chainswords and bolt pistols of the 10 Blood Claws shown at left. I also got a little black on the bolter and bolt pistol of a pair of power wielding Grey Hunters. This is mostly due to the fact that all of my Grey Hunters are packing bolters or other 2 handed weaponry. Aside from a few meltas & such, the bolters are all still sitting on sprue, waiting to be assigned to their respective Hunters. I can already envision the sessions of monotonous painting, bolter after bolter after bolter after bolter. *sigh* Anyway, this should allow me to get all the weapons & power packs done on my Blood Claws, leaving only the gem & eye detail and the 2nd coat for the gold. With a little luck, they may be done by Friday! W00T!

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Good Silver Hunting

Grey Hunters getting silver & black wash

Only Four? WTF CHIEF?!?!

So today wasn’t my most productive day by a long shot. I got started and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, just that I wanted to paint something, (I missed my paint day yesterday). I only got about 4 guys done, but I was experimenting and distracted. In all fairness, I did get some of the venting washed on about 10 models total, but more on that in a minute…

So I looked at the 3 VGC silvers I had brought, deciding on the middle one, VGC Chainmail Silver. I knew I was going to put a black wash over it, so I wanted it to start bright. For the wash, I used my brand-spankin-new Secret Weapon Miniatures (SWM) Soft Body Black, (which I’m pretty sure is Les Bursley’s recipe). Since I was experimenting, I didn’t bother thinning it or adding my own flow improver, I wanted to see what it would do. Even the soft black is pretty dark when you put it on, esp where it pools. My 2/0 brush took ALOT of wash into the belly, so I was able to work for a good time on one load. Capillary action was as expected and overall I’m very pleased. As it dried, it softened a great deal, so much so that I’m considering the Heavy Body Black for the tubing & such when next I break out the brush to experiment. In any case, I hope all the washes perform this way.

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Grey Hunters love… goooold!!!

Grey Hunters getting gold

Gold-member! BWAWOWAWAH!

Ok, so Goldmember has been playing ad nauseum on cable lately, sue me. Anyway, another lonch break and another chance to squeeze an hour of painting in. This puts the project at 10 hours total painting so far for 29 models. We have 3 layers of armor and all 29 have 1 layer of gold detail, (see previous posts for details).

Sadly, despite the project coming along, the Wolves and their White Scars partners got tools up but good by Orks over the weekend. Details to follow soon.

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